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Bodrum Salih Island

Güvercinlik in Muğla in Turkey, Tourism Zoned, State Incentive

89 acres of land for sale

Adabükü - Güvercinlik - Bodrum


Deniz kaplumbağası

Salih Island Brief Introduction

Salih Island is administratively connected to Bodrum district of Muğla province.


Bodrum / Turkey, the most important city of many ancient civilizations in the Mediterranean, is rapidly progressing towards becoming the most popular center of world tourism.


Salih Island, located opposite Güvercinlik Bay in Bodrum, is a very old settlement that hosted the ancient city of Karyanda.


Salih Island has a surface area of over 5 million Sqm.


The island is very close to the mainland and the closest distance between the island and the mainland is only 210 meters.


There are world-renowned ultra-luxury hotels across the island and new ones are being built.


The island, which is especially preferred by those who take a yacht trip, is a place frequented by many world-famous people on their yachts.


The island, which has untouched beautiful bays, crystal clear turquoise seas and unique beaches, is within the scope of tourism development.


Due to the construction of ultra-luxury villas and hotels on the opposite shore of Salih Island, the land value of the island is increasing day by day, making it a very profitable investment.


Year of Cooperative Establishment


Total Parcel


Total Sqm


Distance to Mainland


Our state-subsidised zoned land, suitable for the hotel project, can be converted into a larger area by renting the remaining state lands and purchasing some detached parcels.

Tourism Zoned Land

Plot Closest to the Mainland

State Lands

Rental Possibility

Government Incentive

Parcel Valuation

Bodrum Salih Island

Our parcels, which are at the closest point to the mainland and in the most beautiful bay of the island, can be sold as separate parcels or as a whole.


Although our priority is sales, we are also ready to consult your projected and detailed revenue sharing proposals that you will present to us.


Salih Island is a plant-rich island with many endemic species as well as many plant and tree species, especially many olive trees.

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The lands are located in Bodrum, Turkey's world-famous most popular tourism region.


Address: Turkey Muğla province, Bodrum district, Güvercinlik District, Salih Island Location


Total Number of Parcels: 4 Parcels and Total Parcel Area: 88,894.43 Sqm


The parcels are located at the closest point to the mainland of the island and have a unique bay.


The distance of the island to the mainland is only 210 meters, so it offers an isolated life while being very close to the mainland within swimming distance. (distance of 4 Olympic pools)

Call for detailed information!

It is zoned for tourism and has government incentives.

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